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Add 15 New Guitar Licks to your arsenal!

Fun, quick and easy to learn lessons - all with TAB and videos showing the virtual fretboard.
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Arranging for Fingerstyle Guitar Mini-Course

Have you ever wondered how to arrange one of your favorite songs for Fingerstyle Guitar?

There is a method to it all, and in this mini-course I’ll show you how I go about it.

What’s included in the Course?

6 videos where I walk you through how to plot out a rendition of a piece of music on the maze we call the fretboard. I show you how I go about weaving together the strands of melody, bass line and the harmony into a coherent and pleasing arrangement.

I take the beautiful tune (Memory, from The Musical Cats) and I pick it apart, analyze it, and re-assemble it. I’ll show you how I go about figuring out the chord progression and then exploring the fretboard for the best positions to stitch the elements together. I use a virtual fretboard in two of the videos so you can follow along, mistakes and all. 

Throughout this course, you’ll see and hear the arrangement evolve and at the end, you'll get the finished arrangement in my usual format: as a fingerstyle lesson, with a video showing both hands playing, the virtual fretboard displaying the action and the chord names as they come and go.

** As a Bonus: You'll get the completed Fingerstyle lesson of the arrangement with a downloadable PDF of the TAB and Notation. I even include the GuitarPro file (which you don’t need, but you can load into the the GuitarPro app if you have it).