Have you ever wondered how to go about arranging one of your favorite songs for Fingerstyle Guitar?

There is a method to it all, and in this NEW mini-course I’ll show you how.

What's Included in my "How to Arrange for Fingerstyle Guitar" Course?

  • 6 videos where I walk you through how to plot out a rendition of a piece of music on the maze we call the fretboard. I show you how I go about weaving together the strands of melody, bass line and the harmony into a coherent and pleasing arrangement..
  • I take the beautiful tune (Memory, from the musical 'Cats') and I pick it apart, analyze it, and re-assemble it. I’ll show you how I go about figuring out the chord progression and then exploring the fretboard for the best positions to stitch the elements together. I use a virtual fretboard in two of the videos so you can follow along, mistakes and all.
  • Throughout this course, you’ll see and hear the arrangement evolve and at the end, you'll get the finished arrangement in my usual format: as a fingerstyle lesson, with a video showing both hands playing, the virtual fretboard displaying the action and the chord names as they come and go.
Start learning how to arrange for fingerstyle guitar.

PLUS you also get these bonuses!

  • The fully arranged song that we've picked apart in lesson format showing the virtual fretboard.
  • A printable PDF of the TAB and Notation. 
  • A GuitarPro file to use (if you have the GuitarPro app).
Sounds great. Let me get started!

My Personal Guarantee

After completing this course, you don't feel like you've got your money's worth, I'll give you your money back. No questions asked, no hard feelings!  Sound fair?

Who Am I?

You may have found your way here via my YouTube channel after seeing one of my many fingerstyle guitar lessons but if you have no clue about who I am... Hi, I'm Kirk Lorange, a Canadian who has been living in Australia for many years now. I've been a  professional guitar player for the last 48 years and have been teaching online since 2004 and offline since 1994 when my bestselling Guitar Instruction Book "PlaneTalk" was first published.
My passion these days is to help others find the joy in playing guitar and pass on the knowledge I have acquired over the last 60 years. I hope I can help you in your journey.