Kirk Lorange

Welcome to the new home of my various guitar teaching products

After close to 25 years of teaching online and creating way too many websites and having my lessons scattered all over the place, I am now moving everything over to this new platform here at Guitar à Lorange.

In 1994 I wrote a course called PlaneTalk which is the exposition of a very simple but all-powerful visualization technique for demystifying the fretboard. In 1997 I created my first website and I've been selling it the the world ever since. It's now here, 100% online, with immediate access. 

In 2003, I bought the domain and put together a course for people wanting to learn about music and how it relates to the guitar. I've now moved this course over here as well. You can sign up for my Free Music and Guitar Course (written in plain English) here.

I've been playing slide guitar since the 1970s. It's about as fun as it gets when it comes to twanging. So if you're interested in learning slide, be sure to check out the course I put together on Playing Slide in Standard and Dropped Tuning here, or if you are looking for my Heavy Brass Guitar Slides, you can find those here.

I love arranging for fingerstyle guitar and I have now also added all my 170+ fingerstyle lessons to this new site.

To see what else I have on offer, click here.