Kirk Lorange

Welcome to the new home of my various guitar teaching products

After close to 25 years of teaching online and creating way too many websites and having my lessons scattered all over the place, I am now moving everything over to this new platform.

You will already find my signature course 'PlaneTalk'  and my 'How to play Slide Guitar In Standard Tuning Course' here. Coming next will be my fingerstyle lessons and the plain English music course that is currently at 'Guitar for Beginners and Beyond'. 

If you are an existing PlaneTalker or Slider ...

... and you haven't been notified about the move, please contact me via the contact form and let me know your current username at the old site. I will then set you up here.

If you have signed up to one of my courses here ...

click here to log in and view your library.

If you're interested in finding out more about my signature course PlaneTalk, you can read about it here.