Heavy Brass Slides

"The Rolls Royce of guitar slides" is how one customer describes these beautiful slides, machined from solid brass to my specs. This is now the only place you can buy them, so make sure you bookmark this page. These go out to the World by post with a little black velvet bag and a tracking number. Postage is included in the prices.

Short version

This is the original short slide I designed for Standard Tuning where there's no need to span all six strings. Notes the extra thickness at the fingertip end. This adds mass, the secret to beautiful tone and long sustain.

Long version

After many requests, I made this longer version available for those who play in traditional open tunings where you do need to span all six strings. Other than the length, this model has the same specs as the shorter version.

Add some spicy zing to your playing 

Many years ago I decided to try playing slide in standard tuning and I never went back to open tunings. I stuck a slide on my pinkie and developed a hybrid style of playing guitar where I combine both normal playing and slide. It's a whole lot of fun! Sign up to my course to learn how to do it.

Watch and listen to a couple of examples below. ↓