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Are you still trying to make sense of music and the fretboard?

We humans love patterns. That's how we think. But trying to come up with a fretboard pattern from an asymmetric system called 'music' and the asymmetry of standard tuning, trying to find some kind of useful 'constant' down there in the maze of strings and frets, sharps and flats, majors and minors, flat fifths and ninths and all the rest of it ... is no small feat. I spent a good fifteen years trying to find one. I knew there had to be something, so I kept plugging away. And then—Eureka!—one day, long before the Internet, long before I'd hear the term 'CAGED', I found something that did the job, something so simple I wondered why it took me so long to spot it. And the more I looked into it, the more powerful it became. That was thirty-five-plus years ago and it's all I've ever really kept track of since then.

This online course will teach you what I stumbled onto that day. I call it 'The easiest yet most powerful guitar you will ever learn'.

What exactly is PlaneTalk?

The original 'PlaneTalk Package' was a book, DVD and 'slide rule' package. The book—a comic-strip conversation on a long flight between a pro and an amateur—explained the mindset. The DVD demonstrated it and the slide rule, a folded-sleeve-with-insert affair, crystallized it. All those elements are here, digitized, along with a new batch of videos—40 of them—all designed to show you in no uncertain terms just how powerful this way of thinking can be. You will be left with no doubt as to what this visualization technique is and all that will be left to do is play, knowing what you're playing and why it's working.

 Endorsed by Tommy Emmmanuel, CGP, who says:

"A fresh and new approach to helping young and old have a better understanding of music and the guitar. Well done Kirk."

What you get

    • The original PlaneTalk  book, digitized
    • The Guitar Slide Rule, digitized
    • A plain English 'What is Music?' course.
    • 40 new pages, 40 new videos
    • Backing tracks for practice

(The original DVD has been retired. It was third-generation blurry and I cover all the same material in the new online course.)

Plus you'll get these bonuses

  • 1 year access to the PlaneTalk Community where you can discuss the mindset, ask me questions and link to examples of your playing for feedback.
  • The PlaneTalker Bonus Lessons, a collection of 14 stand-alone lessons, new and old, all designed to reinforce the PlaneTalk mindset.
What they're saying about PlaneTalk
These are just some of the many testimonials I've received over the years. Some refer to the physical product, but all are about the lesson you will learn here. There are more here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is an example of some melodic improvisation over a blues backing track. It's an old video but it's a good one to demonstrate the mindset. I'm not thinking scales at all, I'm simply following the chords and using their tones to outline my phrases. I have the whole fretboard at my disposal at all times. I could do this all day and night :-)


My Guarantee

If you complete this course and don't find it the most useful and powerful way to navigate the fretboard, I'll refund your money. No questions asked. All you need to do is send me an email within 7 days from the date of purchase and I'll refund you in full.

Sound fair?

Ok, I'm sold, let me get started!