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Hi, I'm Kirk Lorange, I started playing guitar when I was 11. That was way back in 1961. I fell in love with slide guitar the instant I heard it and after years of playing in traditional open tunings–I tried them all–I reverted to good old Standard and Dropped D. I know the layout of my fretboard in standard tuning well and I like to know exactly what I'm playing at all times. I quickly discovered that all flavors (major, major7, minor, minor7, 9th, 11th, dim, aug, sus4 ...) can either be played outright or strongly alluded to in standard tuning.

Playing in standard tuning makes it very easy to blend your normal playing and slide into one very spicy hybrid style. It surely is the most fun and free way of making music on these wonderful instruments. 

This online course is taken from the DVD I have been selling for years, with a whole bunch of new stand-alone lessons.


Here is a video I uploaded to YouTube in 2007. It's been viewed a half a million times. It's a good example of what you can do in standard tuning wearing a heavy brass slide on your pinkie. All the techniques I use are covered in this course and I also sell the custom-made slides, which are a little shorter than usual. You can see how I merge both normal playing and slide playing. It's a whole lot of fun!

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What is covered in this Slide Course

  • Basic slide techniques
  • Intonation
  • Vibrato
  • Muting
  • Single note lines
  • Chords
  • Playing behind the slide

Plus you'll get these bonuses

  • TAB for all the pieces in the course
  • Backing tracks to play along to
  • 14 stand-alone video slide guitar lessons with TAB and commentary
  • A bundle of 5 'Shufflin' Blues' Slide lessons, with TAB
  • The ability to ask questions on each lesson page.
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The Rolls Royce of Guitar Slides

These are machined from solid brass to my specs. They have extra thickness at the fingertip end for more mass. Mass=Tone/Sustain.

They come in two lengths: short for standard tuning, long for open tunings.

For cross-section, specs and pricing, click the button below.


My Guarantee.

If you complete this course and are not satisfied with what you have learned from it, I will refund you in full, no questions asked. Just send me an email within 7 days from the date of purchase.
Kirk Lorange