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JW Anderson from Iowa, USA
Your dvd, book and slide rule absolutely 100% work! I'm being more creative and actually not frustrated at playing guitar. Seriously Kirk thank you! I wish I would have bought your system years ago when I first found out about it. Also I enjoy your to the point teaching method. You're upfront and honest and it's refreshing. And now music theory makes sense to me, I've tried with so many teachers and so many books and always fallen flat on my face. Thank you so much! If you would like me to write a review for you I would gladly do it! I'm starting to think there's something magic in the water in the land of Aus. I've only scratched the surface on my playing, but I'm starting to improvise just a week later and some how my hands and head know where to go instead of having to sit and count frets or pull up a fret app to figure out where I am and what I'm doing. Seriously thank you!

FH from Canada
Enjoying the brain shift and feeling a new comfort on the fret board. Thanks for finding the simplicity and showing all of us. Cheers Mate.

Rusty from Sydney, Australia
G'day Kirk, Well I'm just over one year into my Planetalk adventure and have been reflecting on the journey so far. I had been playing guitar for roughly 40 years when I stumbled onto Kirk's Planetalk site by chance. The last 20 of those years, at least, had seen my guitar playing stagnate technically, theoretically and musically. I had practiced classical guitar in school for about a year, then after hearing Neil Young's Harvest album I got into steel string acoustic guitar. I'm mostly self taught. I'd never practiced scales and mostly learnt by playing along with whatever album I was into at the time. I had worked out some shapes that I followed when soloing without knowing what a pentatonic scale was. Most of my soloing was just following chord shapes hammering on and off within common bar chords which worked until the chord or key changed. I had studied theory at times and learnt how to construct chords but that was about it. None of the theory was embedded in such a way that I could rely on it or remember it. The inevitable dud note was ever only a heartbeat away. Then I stumbled onto Planetalk. I sincerely thank you Kirk for your generosity in sharing your knowledge. Learning the PT way has completely reinvigorated my guitar playing and made it a joyous experience again.

newstyle24 from PlaneTalkers' Forum
I stand in back of the line that stretches miles long to say thank you. My username represented only half of the tapes and books I purchased over the years and yours stands on top. Its the real deal for those who wonder about this course.

PT from Vietnam
Hi Kirk, I have received the PlaneTalk package this morning & can't stop reading , and found out that this is what I am looking for a long time. You and your great music project have light-up my mind and now I can say that I 've got the key to open the door of the guitar fretboard matrix and freely swim on it. I don't know how to express my gratefulness to you, thank you very much and I wish all the best to you & your belongs.

Dreyvan from PlaneTalkers' Forum Hello Kirk, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the book and the two DVD's which I received yesterday. I stayed up till late last night and I went through the book and both the DVD's... through all the stuff you sent. I am thrilled to realise that there is hope in my being able to play the guitar now with some originality! I always did get discouraged because of all the theories and scales and modes etc... and so despite my passion for music and guitaring I have not made much progress over the last couple of decades other than playing a few known chords a little rhythm and some cover leads. So Really! Thank you for all this wonderful work! Appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!!

Brian from Wales, UK (posted at the forum)
Kirk, just wanted to say that I've been using PT for about a month now and I am just having a ball. I've been going through your lessons, and they are just so interesting. I've just been through the one on licks and it made me laugh with the sheer joy of it. Brilliant!... I think your ideas about how to see the guitar are increasingly out there - I'd guess that in 50 years everyone will be doing it. I just thought I'd use this space to give you my thanks and feedback, Regards, Brian

Jose'phus from USA posted at PlaneTalkers' forum
It was like a breath of fresh air. I'm 67, and I've spent the better part of my life hunting for the right book, course, or teacher, that could once and for all, help me understand the guitar well enough to start really playing it. Then, while watching a beautifully produced video on 'You Tube' entitled 'The Caged System Explained,' I thought I may have found it all in one place. When the package arrived, and I read the book, it was confirmed. It was worth every penny. I'm starting out again, but this time with a good map and a great teacher. I'm excited again about the guitar. Congratulations, Kirk on your find, and the extraordinary way you can so clearly convey it to the rest of us, who were lucky enough to cross paths with you. I'll see you at the forum. Respectfully: Jose'phus, Ca.

Skcollob from UK (posted at the PlaneTalkers' Forum)
I'm really pleased to find a technique that will allow me the fluidity and freedom of the fretboard. The accoustic guitar is my passion but I produce also with electronica. I have a feeling this method and approach of Kirks is going to have me moving forward in leaps and bounds. I can play very complicated pieces but struggle when improvising with such real time accuracy, scales just leave me going up and down like a garden swing. Already im working through the book and I like its language, its format and its connection to theory, im learning all the way. Thanks to Plane Talk.

Jaap T from Netherlands
Hello Kirk, Thanks very much for the planetalk package. It arrived yesterday. It's really great what you are explaining in it. It's exactly what I needed. Thanks, thanks, thanks!

Zap from PlaneTalkers' Forum
PlaneTalk is really the difference between success and failure as a guitarist, I believe. It is the only thing that worked for me and I recommend it to everyone I meet!

Mike from Virginia, USA
Kirk, PT is the only method I've seen that really opens up the fretboard for melodic soloing. Thanks.

Brian T from Wales, UK
Kirk, I have been playing for years and I have been looking for a way to improve and I knew that it would have to be something that explained what was going on with the fretboard. I had bought books and then tried quite a few lessons on line, struggling with the ideas of using major and minor pentatonics together etc and then came across your video on CAGED. I didn't understand it fully but I appreciated the idea behind it in trying to simplify and explain the guitar. (I was a maths teacher for years and that was always what I tried to do for students). I was in two minds about shelling out the money for your Plane Talk package, but something told me that what you were selling was what I was looking for. I've now worked through your book and DVD and I was right. It is such a revelation. Your simplification allows one to move on and improve as one wishes. It's just great. My thanks to you. A brilliant product and a brilliant website. Brian

Frank E from Toronto, Canada
All the best, amigo. Your learning materials are the best I have ever encountered, in terms of actually understanding the guitar. I wish you the best. Saludos, Frank

Michael G from Sydney, Australia
Thanks Kirk I've played for decades now but that PlaneTalk way to see the fretboard is THE MOST elegant solution I have ever seen. Brilliant! Cheers, Michael.

Paul M from Wales, UK
I've been playing guitar for 20 odd years, self taught, and now a full time guitar tutor/musician here in Wales UK. I must congratulate you on a brilliantly written, highly insightful concept. A lot of the content I already figured out for myself over the years but never has it been explained to me in such simplified terms, excellently put together, I'm already very happy with taking the plunge with Plane Talk. Thank you again Kirk. Regards, Paul.

Rob R from Dallas Texas, USA
Just received my book and DVD and read/watched them straight through. AMAZING! Thank you so much. I, of course, have at least 3 more readings ahead of me before it really sinks in but I really do think it will change my enjoyment (and skill level) immediately and exponentially. If I had found you and this book when I was 14 instead of 67, there is no telling where I would be today!

Allan from Queensland, Australia
Hi Kirk just a quick message of thanks. I have learnt more in the last few weeks about my guitar than in the last 20 years. The book and the DVD are fantastic. The guitar is no longer a mystery and I'm enjoying every minute of my playing :) cheers Allan

Michael P from Las Vegas, USA
Mr. Lorange, I have to say that your book and video are opening my eyes!

Phil L from Portsmouth, Rhode Island, USA
Hi Kirk, received Plane Talk a couple of days ago. Fantastic concept. I actually knew this stuff but didn't "see" it. I found the comic book approach to explaining the material absolutely excellent. It puts a twist on explaining information that should keep everyone engaged. Thanks for coming out with this product. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Regards, Phil

Scott Hall from Brookfield, CT USA
Kirk, I received your program the other day, I wanted to tell you why i bought your program. I saw your explanation of the "CAGED" system on youtube and was amazed at how simple you made it considering I have been watching videos on Jamplay & reading everything I could. I knew you could explain the common thread or "piece" I was missing about playing guitar. I have been a bass player for over 30 years and always wanted to play guitar with confidence and understanding. After picking up the slide rule and playing with it and reading a few pages I had the aha moment and I knew this was the part I could not fit into the puzzle. I have been going over it non stop side it arrived and each time I get a new part that is so simple yet key to playing and commanding the fretboard. You are a GENIUS! No one else has explained the information in such an intuitive way. This is the best money I ever spent on music training ever. Hopefully my finger & brain will take my playing to were I want to be. As soon as I get a command of this program I'm coming back for the Slide & website tutorials. I feel like I will finally really learn the guitar. Thank you for making me feel like I'm not an idiot that doesn't "get it", the way you teach in comic book form is again genius and simple to understand. Kind Regards, Scotte to understand. Kind Regards, Scott

Jesse from California, USA
I lost the first book and slide rule ...ordered it 4-5 years ago I think. I have been working on things with the dvd I still have, and never felt more musical. my initial attempts were "weak" and just not the right time for my focus. now making great progress...terrific approach you've put together. All the best, Jesse

Jeff S from Columbus OH, USA
Hi Kirk, I received PlaneTalk quicker than I expected, thanks for the fast shipping! I have read your book and it has given me a map to the fret board that I have been trying to learn for 40 years! I have played in bands, know scales / chords, and can improvise, but I have really never been able to put it all together and understand the theory behind the guitar.I found myself getting in a rut and sticking with the same old riffs and scales that I had memorized over the years. I stopped playing in bands about 30 years ago, but kept playing on and off as a hobby. I have tried a lot of "Methods" but none were direct,and to the root as your book. Your approach to teaching is unique and PlaneTalk is a great tool to any level guitar player. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and putting it into context that is easy to understand. Thanks again!

Gary H from Washington, USA
I received PlaneTalk yesterday and after reading the book and watching the video, I knew this was the answer to my guitar prayers! And while I still have much practicing to do, I've already made progress. Thanks for developing this awesome technique. I'm energized about learning how to play the guitar again! Best Regards, Gary

JD from Kansas City, USA
Package arrived today, and like everyone else, am simply blown away....Definitely want to purchase the forum and will do so directly.

Rob W from UK
Thank you very much for opening my eyes and ears.

Dan M from USA
Hi Kirk, I received your course 3 days ago and have been totally immersed in it since. When the student is ready the teacher appears, and voila! Magic... It's interesting that I have been working on intervals and chord building for some time now and enjoying the knowledge gained, but you have tied it together for me in a very simple and illuminating way. Boy, I can't thank you enough Kirk! You take care and I will be in touch soon. You are awesome!

Dan C from Florida, USA
Kirk, I do want to express my heartfelt thanks for the amazing work you did on these instructional materials. I have been playing guitar (sort--of) for 40 years but never could demystify the neck until now and I took 10 years of piano lessons as a child and know lots of music theory ... I have only had the material a few weeks and have made more progress on the guitar than the past 40 years combined!

Cezar from PlaneTalkers' Forum
Hi Kirk, I recently bought a copy of Planetalk and have to say its an amazing product, I've already recommended it to a friend who placed an order immediately now he's enjoying it too.

Scott W from California
Hi Kirk! I just received your plane talk DVD,love it !IT IS JUST GREAT. Im very excited about learning your method. Started in and already things about my playing are improving. This is going to open up my ability to play (with confidence) in any Key and that is what I have been looking for all these years. I know it will take a lot of practice but I will work it out. Thank you very much. This is gonna be very rewarding for me I just know it.

Alan S from UK
I've just finished watching you dvd ... I am indebted to you. You are the first person to give me just exactly what I've been searching for! I am extremely grateful to you. The quality of the book is outstanding and your method or 'trick' is just perfect. Thank you so much for sharing your very special gift. I can now stop beating myself up for my failure to find out how to improvise.

Luis from London, UK
This is truly a game changer for me and I can't say THANKS enough!!!

Roland C from New Jersey, USA
So I've had a chance to work through PlaneTalk a couple of times and I have to say it has been tremendously helpful. I had learned to play all of the CAGED chords some time ago, but beyond being able to play the shapes up and down the neck I was never able to see how they are linked or how to use them melodically. But having the intervals around the (PlaneTalk) shapes laid out for me has sort of shifted it "into focus," if you will. As with all things, I know it will take time and practice to become fluent with this, but I feel as though I have finally found the map that lays out the journey. Very cool!

David Malpas from Utah, USA
I have to thank you for what I have learned so far. The Plane Talk shapes have opened up the whole fretboard to me. I can now play improvised melodies all up and down the fretboard. I could never do this before, especially with ease! I am thrilled!! Now I need to work on phrasing. I just love the sound of your improvised melodies on the DVD. Anyway, I have learned more from Plane Talk, by far, than any other method or lesson I have purchased (including private lessons). Thanks!

Dave Berman from Nebraska, USA
Some 45 years after learning to play guitar, I found Plane Talk and it changed everything. Kirk's simple, entertaining book and instructive DVD opened up a whole new way for me to think about and play the guitar that I wouldn't have found on my own.

Mike from West Virginia, USA
I'm absolutely thrilled with the product- in two weeks I've learned as valuable an approach to studying the guitar as I have playing it over the past 11 years. Everyone should learn to play this way. Thanks very much and kudos on a great product. Best, Mike

Giovanni from California, USA
Hi kirk, Just got the book and found LOTS AND LOTS of info in there.

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