Learn what I call 'The Easiest Yet Most Powerful Guitar Lesson You Will Ever Learn'. This teaches the mindset of professional session musicians, who have to flesh out guitar parts on the fly...

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Do you understand CAGED but struggle to know how to use it in your playing? Begin the journey to Mastering this Powerful Mindset today.

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I have over 140 Fingerstyle Lessons here on the site. All come with TAB and notation and show the virtual animated fretboard.

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Slide guitar is traditionally played in open tunings, which means you need to re-map the fretboard and have a special guitar just for slide. This course teaches...

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Slip on your slide and have some fun working your way through these 19 fun Slide Guitar Lessons. Lessons all include the Virtual Fretboard and downloadable TAB. 

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Add 15 New Guitar Licks to your arsenal! Fun, quick and easy to learn lessons - all with TAB and videos showing the virtual fretboard.

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Have you ever wondered how to arrange one of your favorite songs for Fingerstyle Guitar?
There is a method to it all, and in this mini-course I’ll show you how I go about it.

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These are machined from solid brass to my specs and are available in two lengths; The shorter slide for Standard Tuning (the one I use) and the longer slide for Open Tunings.

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