Playing live on TV with Ringo Starr

Nov 13, 2021

Somewhere around 1982 or so, Glenn Shorrock, who I had known for years and had just left Little River Band, asked me to join his new band: The Glenn Shorrock Band. He had recorded a single and we went on the Michael Parkinson Show in Sydney one evening to promote it. The show was a sort of Tonight Show with guests and performances. Michael Parkinson was the host. Also on the show that night was the one-and-only Ringo Starr, accompanied by his wife Barbara Bach. They'd been out on Sydney Harbor all afternoon on a record company-sponsored cruise, drinking white wine in the hot sun so they were both ... loose, and Michael had a bit of a hard time keeping them from being silly and giggling the whole time.

We, the GS band, did our three-minute spot, miming to the single, something none of us enjoyed doing -- especially as we'd been asked to bring all of our gear with us -- but that was the directive. We already knew that a short jam session with Ringo was planned to close the show. 

And that's what happened as you'll see in the video above

Later on, we all met him in the green room and I had a very pleasant chat with him. He was very cool, very funny and it was a night to remember. I was very pleased years later to learn that Glenn had got hold of the video from that night.

I'm the kid with the mustache over on the left, playing slide guitar.

The drummer (Mark Kennedy). bass player (Greg Lyon) and keyboard player (Alan Mansfield) all wound up playing on my album 'No Apostrophe' not much longer after this took place. The other guitar player is an old friend, Mario Millo.

So, that's my Beatle story. I'll tell you about my live performance with an Eagle next time. 😎


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