Hi, I'm Kirk Lorange and I've been creating and arranging fingerstyle guitar lessons since 2006. These lessons have evolved over the years as I became better at filming, recording and editing and as the technology improved. They have been living over at my Guitar For Beginners And Beyond site for decades, but here we are in 2023 and now with over 170 lessons, I finally decided to bite the bullet and move them over here to Guitar à Lorange, the new hub for all my online guitar lessons, tutorials, and courses. 

Just about every style and genre is covered ... blues, old standards, folk, Americana, Christmas carols, jazz ... enough to keep you busy for at least a years!

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Here is what you get ...

  • Unlimited access to my Complete Collection of Fingerstyle Lessons (Over 170 and counting).
  • A streamable video of each lesson, showing both hands, with my own 'hand-crafted' version of a virtual fretboard.
  • Written commentary explaining each lesson in detail.
  • A Downloadable and Printable PDF of the TAB and Notation.
  • Ability to slow videos down to half speed. (NEW)
  • Ask Kirk questions on each individual lesson page. (NEW)
  • Ability to keep track of each lesson that you've viewed (NEW)
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This means you will be able to access all of my Fingerstyle lessons at any time. The TAB and Notation is available to download and print. The videos are streamable from any device, and you will also get access to any future lessons that I add to my collection.

Who am I?

You may have found your way here via my YouTube channel after seeing one of my many guitar lessons but if you have no clue about who I am... Hi, I'm Kirk Lorange, a Canadian who has been living in Australia for many years now. I've been a  professional guitar player since 1969 and have been teaching online since 2004 and offline since 1994 when my bestselling Guitar Instruction Book "PlaneTalk" was first published.
My passion these days is to help others find the joy in playing guitar and pass on the knowledge I have acquired over the last 60 years. I hope I can help you in your journey.

Cheers, Kirk Lorange