The power of chord tones - Single Notes

Dec 04, 2021

Here is a very old lesson demonstrating the power of chord tones. I'm a big fan of chord tones. When it comes to improvising, building a guitar part or even coming with a new tune, chord tones are boss. They're always right! You can hear it in this video. I'm not following a scale or a mode, nor am I playing inside a 'box' of 5 Pentatonic notes. I'm looking down at the fretboard, seeing the chord tones as they shift around with each chord change, and making melody lines with them. When you can see them down there, dotting the whole length of the fingerboard, it's not all that hard to 'join-the-dots' in a melodic fashion. It just takes practice, but it's fun practice because you're practicing melody.

Practice melody, you wind up playing melody.
Practice scales, you wind up playing scales.

I know what I prefer to listen to!

I think I might do a new one of these videos. 

By the way (as if you don't already know!), my signature course PlaneTalk Online teaches the simple but all-powerful 'trick' to being able to see the fretboard -- the whole fretboard -- as an array of friendly, always-right chord tones.

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