Hi, I'm Kirk Lorange. I've been playing guitar since 1961 when I was an eleven-year-old Canadian kid living in Belgium. There were no teachers in the town where I lived with my family, no books, no Internet, so I taught myself, by ear.

I played and played and played, I was obsessed, I learned more and more from other players and started playing professionally when I was 20 years old in Montréal, after we'd moved back to Canada.

After some years travelling in Europe and the UK, I moved to Australia in 1975 and became one of Sydney's busier session musicians, playing on dozens of album tracks, countless TV and radio ads and several film scores. I also formed several bands, some of which are still going.

I started teaching my way of understanding music and how to view the fretboard in the mid-1980s, and after staging some workshops, and much prompting from my students, I decided to turn my mindset into a book. It was designed mainly for those who had gotten 'stuck', those who wanted to learn the art of improvisation, who wanted to be able to invent parts on the fly, who wanted to play along with others and for those who had learned all the scales and modes they were told were essential but failed to deliver. I called the book PlaneTalk and I self-published it from 1994 until 2020 when I turned it into this online course. 

I'm also a huge slide guitar fan and I play in standard and Dropped D tunings. I put together a DVD on that subject in 2006 which is now available here along with many other stand-alone lessons.

I'm also a lover of fingerstyle guitar and I have been creating video lessons of my arrangements for the past decade or so. I will be posting them here in the near future.

So ... lots to learn here, all in good old plain English. I'm not a very good notation reader myself, so you won't find any of that here.

This site is a one-man/one-woman operation ... me and my partner of 36 years, Clancy. She's the tech guru, the trouble-shooter, the smart one. I just play the guitar.

Thanks for dropping by!

Kirk Lorange