Types of Guitar

Nylon String Classical

The traditional guitar. It's the easiest kind of guitar to start out on. They're usually played with the fingers.

Acoustic Steel 6-String

Bigger and louder than nylon string guitars, they're the most popular of the acoustics. Usually played with a flat pick.

Acoustic Steel 12-String

These have 6 pairs of strings. The tuning is standard but they're much louder than 6-strings. Not for beginners!

Solid-Body Electric

The most popular kind of electric guitar. The sound comes from the 'pickups', which are essentially microphones.

Semi-Hollow Body Electric

Almost the same as the solid body but the hollow cavity gives them a different tone than the solid body.

Hollow-Body Electric

Played mainly by jazz artists, these sound good un-plugged. They're also known as archtops because of their shape.

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